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Pigmentation & Age Spots Treatment Brighton and Hove



Uneven skin pigmentation, dark patches and the appearance of age spots can be very disconcerting for those who suffer from them, but rest assured that most skin problems of this nature are a natural occurrence that can be treated quite using photo-rejuvenation. At Match Skin Salon we use a sophisticated Formatk Forma system to treat various skin conditions such as skin pigmentation problems and age spots that utilises Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology.

Age Spots

Age spots, which are sometimes referred to as liver spots, are essentially brown or black spots that appear on the surface of your skin. As with other skin pigmentation issues age spots can appear anywhere on the body, but unlike vitiligo age spots are usually caused by exposure to UV light. Spending excessive or prolonged time in the sun can lead to such spots, and they’re most common in areas of the body that are frequently exposed to the sun. Age spots are usually found on people over the age of 40 but aren’t unheard of in those who are younger.


How IPL Works

IPL is an effective treatment for various skin problems, including the aforementioned conditions, which works by focusing a coherent monochromatic laser light on the melanin of your skin. This light uses heat to treat the affected area by causing a controlled wound to form that encourages the skin to generate fresh cells and heal the area, which in turn returns the skin to its natural colour. Whilst the effects of IPL are noticeable shortly after treatment, continued treatments over a period of time are recommended for effective results to continue.

Skin rejuvenating treatments that utilise IPL effectively encourages the skin to heal itself through the application of heat to the surface of the skin, so unlike many surgical alternatives; the photo-rejuvenating technology that is used in IPL treatments is non-invasive and practically pain free, making them a great alternative to surgical options.

Contra-Indications and Health Warnings

Please note that as part of our process of ensuring that we provide you with the best service possible we take due care and attention to your health and well-being. As part of this we will provide you with a consultation prior to treatment in which we will ask you questions about your health and any specific conditions that are relevant to the treatment that you are enquiring about. In some instances we will refuse treatment if specific criteria are not met.

Please be aware that for treatments that specifically utilise the Formatk Forma equipment if you meet the following criteria you may be refused treatment: If you have skin lesions, skin inflammation, semi permanent makeup, excessively tanned skin, a pace maker, Herpetic diseases, Discoid lupus erythematous, anti coagulant therapy, self immune diseases, epilepsy, Thrombosis, Cancer, if you are pregnant, or if you suffer from drug induced photo-sensitivity.





Small Area Medium Large
Forehead Face Legs
Chin Neck Chest
Hands Arms


No of treatments Per treatment Total
1 35 35
3 25 75
6 20 120
9 18 162
12 15 180


No of treatments Per treatment Total
1 59 59
3 49 147
6 45 270
9 40 360
12 37 444


No of treatments Per treatment Total
1 75 75
3 65 195
6 60 360
9 55 495
12 50 600



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